Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights represent valuable assets. Their successful protection is likely to have an important impact on the entrepreneural success of a company. To have effectice protection, it is essential to carefully identify the core of an intellectual property right, such that an exclusive right with a desired scope of protection may be gained.


The success of the modern industrial societies is decisively based on technical innovations. To protect such technical innovations is the idea of patent law. Patents are granted for all technical inventions which are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible to industrial application.

Design Patents

Design patents protect the aesthetical surplus of a three dimensional product or of a two dimensional plane. A design may be characterized by its three-dimensional form, by lines, contours, colors and by its surface structure. A design thus provides for a particular impression a product’s form and/or color.


Every child must have a name. This is also true in the field of trademarks and company signs. Trademarks and company signs identify and individualize a product, a service or a company. They represent an essential part of a corporate identity.

Utility Models

The utility model is the little brother of the patent. Shorter in life (10 years) then a patent, but easier and more cost effective to acquire, the utility model represents an interesting alternative or addition to patent protection. A utility model can be a particularly sharp weapon in infringement proceedings.