The Protection of Technical Innovations

Patents are granted for technical inventions which are new, include an inventive step and are susceptible to industrial application. Only the owner of a granted patent has the right to prohibit use of its invention by third parties – or allow such use by granting a license and collecting license fees. Well formulated patent claims are at the core of each patent as it is the claims which define the scope of protection.

My services in the field of patent law regard all stages of drafting, prosecution and litigation of a patent as follows:

  • giving advise as to filing strategies
  • conducting and evaluating prior art searches prior to the filing of an application
  • drafting of patent applications
  • representation in opposition proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office
  • representation in nullity proceedings before the German Patent Court
  • participation in patent infringement proceedings
  • giving advise in licensing issues and drafting of confidentiality, cooperation and license Agreements
  • giving advise with respect to the German law of employee‘s inventions

I look forward to giving advise to you as to the optimal protection of your inventions, as to filing strategies and as to defense and litigation of your patents in Germany, Europe and worldwide.